40KW UR100040-LQ Liquid Cooling DC Charging Module For DC Charger Station

Short Description:

  • Model No.:UR100040-LQ
  • Input Voltage:Rated voltage 380Vac, three phase (no center line), operating range 274-487Vac
  • Rated Output Power:30kW
  • Output Voltage Range:50-1000VDC
  • Peak Efficiency:≥ 96%
  • Power Factor:≥0.99
  • Current Regulation Accuracy:≤±1%
  • Communication Protocol:CAN

Product Detail


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Model No.  MD100040-LC
AC input Input voltage 260VAC~485VAC
Max. current <76A
Input frequency 50±10Hz, rated input frequency 50/60Hz
Power factor ≥0.95(20~50% of rated power)
≥0.98(50~100% of rated power)
THD <5%
Standby power consumption <10W
DC output Output voltage range 150V-1000V
Output current 0-133.3A
Voltage stabilized accuracy ≤±0.5%
Current stabilized accuracy ≤±1%
Voltage ripple ≤±1%
Startup time ≤1s
Efficiency Highest efficiency>97%
Operating environment Working temperature  -40℃~75℃,derates from 60℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~85℃
Humidity  ≤95% RH, without condensation
Pressure/ Altitude 79kPa~110kPa/2000m
Communication Communication CAN
HMI LED operating display
Alarm status Indicator lights
Number of working modules Max. 60
Physical Characteristics Acoustic noise ≈0dB
Cooling Liquid cooling
Dimension 300*120*460 (W*H*D/mm)
Weight ≤26kg
Coolant Parameter Coolant 6:4 mixture of Ethylene glycol and water
Coolant flow rate 2L/min~12L/min
Flow rate request method CAN
Coolant capacity  1L
Connection type  Serial or parallel connection in AC/DC side

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